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Gay Life in Colombia 2018

In Colombia most of the changes for LGBT citizens have happened within just the past decade. In 2016, Colombia became the 24th country in the world to allow full marriage equality and in recent years has put in place laws allowing same-sex adoption and anti-discrimination protections. This would appear to be the start of a upbeat story about LGBT life Gay Colombia. But looking and reading more deeply about this country that has only recently escaped fifty years of internecine civil war a mixed picture comes into focus intertwining sad and hopeful news.

Being Gay in Rural Colombia

Being gay in rural Colombia is legal as well as gay marriage. But macho homophobia is still deep in the culture so LGBT people have to act with discretion. There are activist organizations that continue to advocate against homophobia and strive for social equality. There are colorful Gay Pride parades and festivals every summer.

Colombia Gays Continue to Win Rights

Homosexuality has been legal since 1980. Same-sex marriage was approved in Colombia on 28 April 2016, when the Constitutional Court of Colombia ruled 6-3 vote that same-sex marriage was permissible under the Constitution. Acting immediately after the ruling the first same-sex marriage was performed in the country. Since 2007 the country has recognized same-sex unions as a viable condition.