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Homosexuality in Fiji: Three Views

Enclosed here are three stories from three different perspectives about gay life in Fiji.  The first (2009) is a recent commentary from a cheerful gay Fijian who has experienced a mostly pleasant life being ‘out’ in the capital city of Suva and living with a boyfriend. “Being brought up all my life in Suva city, I really don’t see any problems with being gay.”

The second story (2007)  is not cheerful: “I don’t recommend anyone gay visit Fiji. I’m living in Australia now and have sold my business there. Rabid homophobia drove me out. Fiji is a very religious country and this controls everything that happens there, especially how they feel and act towards gays.”

The third story regards a notorious event that happened in 2002 when a prominent male couple were murdered. Because the men were gay, rumors swirled around the tragic and bloody episode about sex and drugs and intrigue. The story was posted worldwide and left Fiji, for a while, with a tarnished reputation as a tourist paradise.