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Gay Canada 2003-04: Bold Pioneer for Gay Equality

Gay Canada is a feisty, energetic, aggressive, wide-ranging herd of activists and citizens who don’t take discrimination lightly. They are not overwhelmed by a stampede of right-wing moralists hell-bent on a homophobic agenda to preserve the ‘sanctity’ of marriage. Nor are they living in fear of brutal police tactics to beat them into submission. Mostly

Gay Canada 2006: Athletes go to OutGames Sports & Activists go to Rights Conference

OutGames Montreal presented the world with its double-header debut event linking gay sports and gay human rights under one banner. The result was a resounding success for the organizers, for the city, for 11,000 athletes, for 1500 rights activists and for 60,000 spectators. Three news reports here give overviews of the Montreal events and include some comments about the Chicago Gay Games staged the week before.