Chennai is a major city of over six million, India’s 4th largest metropolis.
It has its share of propserous new-age companies and flashy structures.
In this gallery are some historic venues such as the Fort St. George built by the British East India Company in 1653,
now the administrative headquarters for the legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu state.
Enclosed in the area is St. Mary’s church with carved gravestones in the floor.
The red-brick High Court is a marvel of Indo-Sarcenic architecture build in 1892.
It houses 47 courtrooms attended by several thousand registered lawyers.
Along the sea coast on the Bay of Bengal are a huge shipping port, long sandy beaches and a dramatic memorial
to the famous independence leader Perarignar Anna.
For Christians, Chennai is also a place of pilgrimage as the alleged burial place of the apostle St. Thomas
marked by a white gothic basilica built above the catacomb.

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