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Macedonia, Lake Ohrid

Ohrid Lake is located on the western border of Macedonia with Albania. It is a beautiful and serene area with ancient ruins, scenic church settings, charming old town cafes and modern hotels. The lake is the deepest lake of the Balkans, with a maximum depth of 288 m (940 ft) and a mean depth of 155 m

Macedonia, Skopje

Skopje is the capital and largest city in the country of Macedonia (not to be confused the with Greek province of Macedonia). It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. The territory of Skopje has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC. The city developed

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Ohrid Lake is one of Europe’s largest (about 20 miles long) and deepest (about 1000 feet) lakes. It is on the western border between Macedonia and Albania. The town of Ohrid is in Macedonia and is a charming, church-filled ancient settlement with Roman ruins, an appealing lakeside promenade, waterfront cafes, a medieval fortress and magnificent