Christiania Village

Christiania is an 81-acre city within Copenhagen (see Stories, News & Photos) founded in 1971 by ‘alternative’ people–hippies and others seeking a freer lifestyle and a place to live. They invaded and took over an unused military compound against much government resistance. It’s been a forty year off-and-on struggle to keep the authorities at bay, sometimes losing, but ultimately winning the right to stay and organize their version of communal living–and decorate in their own uniques style. (See blog about Chrisitania)

Among the residents today are a small population of LGBT (gay) Christianites who have made a gay ‘house’ for their community; it’s called Bossehuset (gay house; see last photo). Gay house is a large interior space in one of the many brick warehouse-style buildings of Christiania. A purpose space for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons for cultural events, theater performances, exhibitions, recreational activities and celebrations–anything from AA meetings to drag beauty contests.