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Gay Antigua, Guatemala 2012

Introduction Antigua, Guatemala is more like an outdoor museum than a living city, overloaded with colonial Spanish architecture, yellow-ochre-blue walls, tiny specialty shops full of artwork, paintings and local jewelry, touristic but charming cafes serving quiche or dark chocolate drinks and dozens of old church ruins–and functioning ones as well–rough cobblestone roads constantly under repair,

Gay Life in Modern Guatemala 2010

Introduction This small ambitious country is one of Central America’s more prosperous nations but it doesn’t appear that way even to a casual visitor. Under the glaze of business and industry are serious human rights abuses, especially against LGBT people. Here is a small portrait of life when one is gay, poor, and disenfranchised. However,

Gay Guatemala

Two guest writers describe a realistic picture of oppressed life for lesbigays in this small country racked by humiliating poverty and insane revolution over the past generation. Yet small pockets of hope live on in lesbigay hearts and in a few bars in downtown Guatemala City. Also see: Gay Guatemala News & Reports 1996 to