By Richard Ammon
February 27, 2012

Slowly, slowly we show the diversity and truth of our being:
Gay Marine Brandon Morgan Homecoming Kiss Goes Viral

Look at these two wonderful reunions–lovers doing what they should after a long separation.

Yet, there is nothing unique about these kisses between Brandon and Dalan (photo right) and between Marissa and Citlalic  (photo below).

It happens millions of times a day all over the world as LGBT couples and friends greet each other or say goodbye on their way to or from work as soldiers, dentists, artists, bankers, gardeners, surgeons, programmers, politicians or clergy…

The world is moving glacially through a period of ‘anomaly’ and angst as the social paradigm in large swaths of civilization is shifting from ignorance to awareness, from closed homophobic mindsets to respectful acceptance of love and sexuality beyond hetero traditions. Even in the most toxic regions–African, Muslim and Asian cultures–age-old presumptions are being challenged and cracks of light are appearing in the darkness surrounding sexuality.

In virtually every country there are now active human rights organizations that include LGBT issues. Even though overwhelmed by discrimination and prejudice and violence, LGBT activists acting alone or in groups are lighting candles in that darkness.

-In United Arab Emirates a vigorous outcry was heard against a homophobic YouTube video posted by an anti-gay group. Abdulla, the chairperson of GLBTR UAE “The removal of that video is a milestone.”
-In Liberia activist Archie Ponpon and his group courageously appeared on an early morning radio talk show to defend their activism. They left the radio station escorted by police to protect them from an angry mob.
-In Swaziland Simon Zwane, Deputy Director of Health acknowledged gay sex is taboo but actively extended outreach to gays for HIV testing and counseling.
-In Botswana Caine Youngman and activists are challenging the anti-gay law in court. “The Penal Code offends gay people the expression of human self and  dignity.”
-In Tajikstan the only LGBTQ youth organization in Tajikistan has been funded by the Tides Foundation to link its members, sex workers, people living with HIV to health services.

The list goes on, the progress continues, the paradigm shifts–the kiss continues.

The photo (right) of Marissa Gaeta and Citlalic Snell in the Navy was taken in 2011 just after DADT was repealed.

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