Cambodia, Asia

Cambodia's main industries are garments, tourism, and construction. In 2007, foreign visitors to Angkor Wat numbered more than 4 million. In 2005, oil and natural gas deposits were found beneath Cambodia's territorial water, and once commercial extraction begins in 2011, the oil revenues could profoundly affect Cambodia's economy. Some aspects of LGBT rights are supported by law in Cambodia, including that homosexuality is legal. King Norodom Sihanouk in 2004 showed support for gay marriage, although this has not resulted in new laws to accommodate it. Cambodia's first ever LGBT Pride celebration was held in 2003 in the capital city of Phnom Penh. It is now a yearly event that openly celebrates the diversity of Cambodia. Once a taboo subject, there is an increasing acceptance for homosexuality among Cambodians. In 2006, about 400 Cambodians in the Gay and Lesbian communities came to support and celebrate Gay Pride. 


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Siem Reap Cambodia, a Small Gay Haven

| March 1st, 2013 | Comments Off on Siem Reap Cambodia, a Small Gay Haven

By Ancient Ruins, a Gay Haven in Siem Reap, Cambodia (from New York Times) It was 10 p.m. in Siem Reap, and while most tourists were tucked in after a long, hot day exploring the temples of Angkor, things were just getting going at a bar called Linga. Pairs of European men in their 30s and 40s wearing unbuttoned collared shirts and checkered krama scarves sipped fruity cocktails and jostled for space with the young Khmer crowd, who huddled around small tables in anticipation of the main event: the Saturday night drag show. See story about LGBT drop-in center, Dragonfly House. A statuesque Khmer performer who went by the name Beyoncé took to the stage draped in a black, body-skimming floor-length gown and wearing a blond Afro wig. Soon, everyone was on his feet, belting out a song from “Dreamgirls.” The traffic outside literally stopped. Curious travelers, Khmer families and

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Gay Cambodia 2010 – A Place for Survival

| December 23rd, 2010 | Comments Off on Gay Cambodia 2010 – A Place for Survival

A daunting look into the dark life of displaced homosexuals in Phnom Penh, a world the tourists never see. It’s a world of poverty, rejection and hardship that usually leads to prostitution and petty crime. For an unknowing westerner, the ‘pretty boy’ on the corner in the evening has a sad tale to tell about his life–if anyone cares to ask.. Terry McCoy takes a look at this underprivileged population. Lives of Desperation Along the train tracks in one of Phnom Penh’s ubiquitous slums, the noise never stops and everything is changing. Longtime residents are fearful that they’ll soon have to move. This place isn’t safe anymore, they say. It isn’t moral anymore. (Photo right by Vinh Dao/GlobalPost; Sok Somnorb stands in the doorway of his room in Beoung Kak 2 community, Phnom Penh) More photos at Global Post. Along these same tracks, roughly 100 new residents, in search of

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Gay Cambodia 2010-12

| August 14th, 2009 | Comments Off on Gay Cambodia 2010-12

Cambodia continues to evolve out of a dark and bloody past into a more organized and civilized society. By fits and starts an elected government is making efforts at control and organization but not all is peaceful and trustworthy. The former kind has died and the ruling government wobbles between dictatorship and democracy. Meanwhile the hidden gay society quietly continues privately among natives  and foreigners in a mix of cultures, ethnics, religions, political forces and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations). Caught in this matrix of conflict one western man learned his lesson the hard way. More recently, since 2008, a modest gay scene has developed in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with bars and guesthouses. Progress With Effort There are more SUVs and new buildings in Phnom Penh than when I last visited; there’s peace on the streets and provinces, for now, allowing Cambodians to ferret out meager livings; a doctor makes

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Gay Cambodia 1997-2012

| January 1st, 2009 | Comments Off on Gay Cambodia 1997-2012

Two weeks in Cambodia was enough time to see the wondrous ancient ruins at Angkor Wat and to encounter the different faces of gay life here. I listened to a gay British doctor in Phnom Penh who was jailed, visited a gay dentist volunteering his services, watched the handsome but poor money boys and unexpectedly found western gay books for sale.   The Search for a Scene For generations there has been no obvious ‘scene’ on view in Phnom Penh but during the past five years gay venues have quietly opened and the once furtive gay whisper is now an audible but soft voice. Masking this change is the cultural habit of Cambodian men to hold hands in public as part of their friendship. Such expressions of intimacy are similar to other Southeast Asian countries, but this contact is without the same meaning as in the West. Best friends are

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Mrs. Doctor

| January 1st, 2009 | Comments Off on Mrs. Doctor

Intro: Near Cambodia’s Angkor Wat an unexpected surprise from our hotel waitress offers a poignant reminder of the spoils of war and poverty. Also see: Gay Cambodia Stories Gay Cambodia News & Reports 2004 to present Gay Cambodia Photo Galleries Richard Ammon (837 words) She first appeared from behind the old beverage cooler whose glass doors were often left indifferently open cooling off our corner of the restaurant and warming up the beer and colas. Short as most Khmer women, she was not quite as shy and obsequious as most of the other waitresses. She looked older and much more efficient, moving with purpose and poise. When she approached our table to take our order for dinner, her English was better than we expected. Making a selection with her from the menu was more like being seated with mother and being told what was good for us, not necessarily what

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Cambodia-Sex and Politics

| January 1st, 2009 | Comments Off on Cambodia-Sex and Politics

Intro: After his release from four months in jail for alleged pedophilia–a charge that was found later to be fraudulent–Dr. Gavin Scott wrote this commentary about age-of-consent and it manipulation by foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the fractured legal system in Cambodia. Also see: Gay Cambodia Stories Gay Cambodia News & Reports 2004 to present Gay Cambodia Photo Galleries Sex is something we are all interested in, whether it be performing or talking. Media stories about sex sell, and stories about underage sex sell even more but what exactly are the motives of the people putting out such stories, and how accurate are they? By manipulating words and figures minor problems can be presented as issues of far greater magnitude. A review then of the building blocks that make up such stories is essential before conclusions can be made. What is a Child, and what is a Minor? A child

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Cambodia – Angkor Wat (photos)

| January 1st, 2009 | Comments Off on Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Gallery

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Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Seam Riep (photos)

| January 1st, 2009 | Comments Off on Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Seam Riep

Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Seam Riep

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