Dalat is a city of 130,000 in central Vietnam surrounded by mountains with bustling downtown shops as well as parks, lakes, forests, many hotels and a popular flower festival.
The area is also home to numerous indigenous hill tribes such as the Lat tribe who grow beans and coffee.
Located here is the former summer residence of the last emperor, Bao Dai, where goofy tourists can adorn themselves with replicas of the emperor’s old clothes.
The strangest place in town is the fanatasy-esque Hang Nga Tree House Hotel of the architect Dang Niet Nga that twists and turns up and down staircases with no square corners or flat ceilings.
Every two years Dalat hosts a big Flower Festival that brings great color and cheer to the city.
Outside the city is the scenic cable car ride to Truc Lam Monastery complex.

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