Upcoming LGBT Events

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Upcoming Events & Conferences Worldwide

LGBT conferences, meetings, festivals, conferences and seminars occur on every continent and in every country where there is a measure of personal freedom and humanitarian respect. Many conferences on law, health, AIDS, travel and human rights now include issues pertaining to homosexual people. In addition to medical, social and rights gatherings there are many international sporting competitions.

Because there are so many events that now occur all over the world, GlobalGayz is not able to keep up this wonderful kaleidescope of activity and will no longer post our own list. Rather, we suggest you go to such sites as:


In addition to the popular entertainment events, there are hundreds/thousands of other
events such as conferences on LGBT leadership, medical meetings, academic symposiums,
sporting competitions, gay rodeos, religious gatherings,
political organizing, recovery meetings… search the Internet.



One comment on “Upcoming LGBT Events

  1. John van Lerberghe on

    We would like to make you know of the 2 events on Mykonos Island:
    —————————————————————–XLSIOR MYKONOS is the most exclusive International Gay Leisure Festival, launched in Sept. 2009 on the famous island of Mykonos.
    With a strong international dimension, the Festival is welcoming more than 22,000 Gay travelers from all over the world.You can expect to meet the hottest boys in the world !
    XLSIOR has grown fantastically within 3 years as it combines an exclusive holiday destination with a mind-blowing Dance Festival.
    The unique Mykonian summer atmosphere with the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches makes you feel on a Gay Paradise enjoying the best Parties and Artists hosted in outstanding venues like nowhere else.

    the Mr Gay Greece , Mr Gay Cyprus & Mr Gay Mediterraneo contests / competitions will happen on Mykonos Island from June 26 till 30th. 2013.
    MISTER GAY 2013 will give the opportunity to delegates from all Mediterranean countries to compete for the titles:MR GAY GREECE, MR GAY CYPRUS, MR MEDITERRANEO, MR GAY TOURISM & MR GAY MYKONOS. Our motto is: KNOWLEDGE, SPORTS & BEAUTY and apart the main event of the competition on SATURDAY JUNE 29 2013, the delegates will compete also in a SPORTS CHALLENGE on the beach during the day time on Friday 28 June 2013.
    Mykonos Accommodation Center organizes your room reservation & will forward you the whole programme.


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