This “contentious” and “controversial” issue swirling around the media is really a non-issue simply because it is the right thing to do. There is no other intelligent choice. Those who oppose gay marriage remain in the dark about human nature and will go down along with advocates of other non-issues such a racial equality and gender equality.

There will always be ignorant and backward-thinking people in any society who trust irrationality, discrimination and magical religious dogma as answers to reality-based social affairs. As a result, the world is less well, less healthy than it could be.

Paradigm shifts are hard for conservatives; they like things to stay the same in the face of ever-changing social evolution. Social norms are among the most pliable and fluid traits of a culture. The communists were sure they had the answers to guide human affairs; so were the socialists and fascists.

Present day  theocratic governments are sure of their beliefs: Shia and Sunni are locked in conflict each trying to be definitive and right.  Alleged Christians called fundamentalists as well as right-wing advocates in the USA are sure they have a lock on life a la bible and that homosexuals are sick sinners.

The list goes on of political, religious and social belief systems that run counter to human nature–and all will fail in time.

Obama’s choice is the voice of the future because he recognizes the flow of history that is happening now–indeed, is always happening. You cannot push a river and you cannot obstruct–for long–the evolving flow of human nature.

Richard Ammon
May 8, 2012