Crossing east to west in northern Mozambique brings the intrepid traveler to the border with Malawi. Within Mozambique there are few main east-west highways and only a limited railway. Part of the reason for inadequate international roads in southern Africa is that most of these countries were occupied by European powers that wanted to keep their colonies separate from rivals’ territories. So virtually all main roads led to the capital city of a colony and not to other countries.
After independence most of the warfare that happened (and is still happening) was between intra-territorial tribes fighting for political control (and hence the money in the treasury). Little fighting was carried on between countries—the opposite of Europe.
Getting from northern Mozambique west to Malawi is not an easy ride. Partly by train, partly by crammed minibus, partly on bicycle and some on foot, the journey is only for the fearless, the patient or the foolhardy. Count on averaging less than twenty miles -–35km–per hour. Most comfort-seeking tourists fly from one country to another.

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