Like a huge crown on the vast green lands of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro rises high and majestic above the rural and impoverished human-scape below.
Countless people climb the lower slopes every day equiped only with street shoes and a bottle of water.
More serious climbers take a week for the journey up and back, accompanied by porters (young men) each carrying 25 kilo loads of tents, food and supplies.
Our trek was only on the lower rainforest slopes–8 km each way–up to the first camp.

At the foot of the mountain are several hotels in the tiny village of Marangu.
We stayed at the Kibo Hotel–and slept very well the night after our ‘climb’ since we were not conditioned mountain walkers.
We went for a walk around Marangu to see the shops. market and scenery.
On departure we awaited our bus in ‘central’ Marangu (about 8 rickety shops) including the World Trade Centre.