Zona Rosa is a business and entertainment district near the center of Mexico City. It is one of the city’s most touristy areas, filled with hotels, dance clubs, restaurants, bars and live bands. Demographically, it boasts a healthy gay population as well as a relatively high concentration of Korean immigrants. Mexico City’s financial heart is also here, with the Mexican Stock Exchange building and the recently built 35-story HSBC building next to the Angel de la Independencia, amongst other banks with offices in this area.


Alameda Park is a public park in downtown Mexico City. It is a green garden with paved paths and decorative fountains and statues, and is frequently the center of civic events. The area used to be an Aztec marketplace and after the Conquest, the Catholic Church used the area for the burning of heretics and witches. The park was created in 1592, when Viceroy Luis de Velasco decided to create green space here as a public park.

Zocalo Square is a central town square or plaza, usually located in Mexican cities. The most famous zócalo is that of Mexico City, which is formally known as the Plaza de la Constitución; the government district of Mexico City is known after this. Zócalos were often the original central squares of Mesoamerica in cities that were coopted by the Spanish conquerors.The square is dominated by the huge Metropolitan Cathedral.

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