Amman is a vibrant sprawling capital city of about 3 million people. Since the peace accord with Israel in 1994 it has seen steady growth uninterrupted by politcal uncertainty as well as the smooth passage from the beloved King Hussein to his son, King Abdullah in 1999.
Amman has all the amenities and advantages of a modern European city yet is decidedly Arab in appearance and sounds.
In the center of the city are ancient Roman ruins atop a hill that overlooks an enormous restored amphitheater
where concerts and dramatic performances take place.
Evidence of moderate prosperity shows in the many large upscale limestone houses
and apartment buildings that have been built in the outskirts of the city
as well as many luxury cars in the streets.
AmmanBooks@ Cafe is one of Amman’s most popular cafes for expats, gays, educated and secular Jordanians and tourists.
The cafe is on three levels and includes a large selection of English language books and magazines..

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