On March 10, 2007 a huge demonstration was held by Arcigay, Italy’s national LGBT rights organization,
to urge government passage of domestic partnerships (DiCo) benefits.
Such legislation was up for likely approval until Prime Minister Prodi and his ruling coalition
received a ‘no confidence’ vote (in February, over a separate issue) and had to resign.
But Prodi and his coalition were voted back in power but with the DiCo bill at risk,
so the rally was held to remind the government of it responsibilites to legislate equal rights to all citizens.
However, no surprise in Italian politics, the Prodi government was again voted out of power months later
and Silvio Berlusconi’s party took control in 2008 but is less friendly to gays. Everything changes.

A keynote speaker was Franco Grillini, openly gay member of parliament and founder of Arcigay
who confronted the hypocrisy of the government and some members who have extra-marital affairs.

The final 6 photos were taken at the Rome offices of Arcigay with some of the volunteers.

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