One of the most famous buildings in the world, the Colosseum was built for sports and entertainment,
which included combat between gladiators who usually killed their opponents
and included watching wild animals attack and kill unarmed civilians.
Today the only competition is preening and cruising among countless
thousands of students who visit the Coloseum each day.

On the third floor of the intact outer wall is a covered art gallery that mounts art exhibitions on various themes.
This year it’s Eros, the god of love and romance, as depicted in painting, sculpture, drawing and pottery design.
Various photos below (#22-47) are samples of the exhibt items that range from modest to pornographic.

Across the street from the Coloseum is the very impressive Forum (photos #48-73), the old city center and market place of the Romans.
Here stand the ruins of many temples, churches, columns, arches, residential houses and government buildings
as well as the enormous Circus Maximus, a gigantic sports stadium (photos #74-78), now grown over with grass.

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