European Parliament Condemns Violence Against Lesbians in Africa

“The European Parliament yesterday adopted a resolution on violence against lesbian women and gay and transgender rights more generally in Africa. MEPs acted in response to increasing reports of arrests and violence against LGBTI people, and particularly lesbian women, on the continent…” Read full report:

This is yet another facet to the worldwide culture war. I wonder if the human race will survive, let alone prevail, in the 21st century with so many vehemently opposing forces lined up against each other: black v white, rich v poor, financial corruption v poverty, militant armies v civilians, democracy v tyranny, tribes v tribes, religious fanatics v liberal believers, bullet wars v diplomacy, political rivals and, again here, homophobic violence v peaceful freedom of sexual expression.  Is it a sad day indeed when the European Parliament has to remind homophobic African  nations (which is most of them) what Human Rights means–and what reasonable tolerance is. This reminder is not just for political nations but religious systems as well whose foundations used to be love and compassion but have been hijacked by irrational hatred and Bible-twisted bigotry again homosexuals. The future of our human race hangs in the balance between light and darkness.