Entering Rwanda overland from Uganda is fairly easy. The usual line of trucks wait for their customs clearance.
The country is very rural and highly cultivated. Tea and coffee are grown everywhere.
The capital of Kigali is set on several hills that allow panoramic views of the city and suburbs.
The infamous ‘Hotel Rwanda’ (of cinematic fame), where hundreds of people were machine-gunned to death
after the UN protectors departed, is the Hotel des Milles Collines (photos 36-40). It has been restored and is again a bustling five star hotel.
Nearby, a memorial (photos 45-53) remembers the Belgian UN peacekeepers shot by marauding killer gangs at the start of the genocide.
The most poignant place in Rwanda is the Genocide Memorial just outside the city center (photos 54-65).
Here are mass graves of over 800.000 Hutus and Tutsis slaughtered during the dark days of April, May and June of 1994.