The rugged highlands contain Croatia’s wartime ghosts.

During the Balkan Wars in the 1990’sCroats, Muslim Bosnians and Serbs attacked one another
in a bizarre checkboard holocaust as the federation of Yugoslavia fell bloodily apart. In Croatia,
the so-called Croatian War of Independence  was first waged between Croatian police forces
and the Serbs living in the Socialist Republic of Croatia, who opposed its secession from Yugoslavia.
Today, haunting reminders still stand throughout the highlands: bombed, burned
and shotup houses, shops, barns and churches.

Roadside graves and memorials of young men are the most poignant reminders. At the same time
many new houses have been built and many picturesque villagesare again peaceful and appealing.

Above the villages soar the The Dinaric Alps, one of the most rugged and extensively mountainous
area of Europe.