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Assassinations in Orlando

| June 19th, 2016 | No Comments »

The assassinations in Orlando were horribly targeted at Latinos, Gays (some with same-sex spouses), Secular Americans, Open-minded Citizens by an evil ISIS-made villain drowned in psychotic propaganda intent on destroying our integrity, freedom and joyous living. The bullets came from the darkest part of one man’s soul to mow us down and throw us into fear and hate (of Muslims)–except it will never happen because we are free, diverse and compassionate as secular Latinos and open-hearted Gays. (photo of Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, 20, one of the youngest victims) Many stories and theories and analyses will be publicized about the terrible act and the motives behind it. My take on the causes behind it are simple (not simple): internal homophobia. The killer wanted to be gay but was terrified by such impulses. By killing other gays he was trying to kill the gay in his soul.

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| December 3rd, 2011 | No Comments »

Gay Reflections The essays here are gay reflections on personal and unique people and ideas from around the world. Some of the people, I’ve met in far off places, and some were family, ranging from a humble Cambodian doctor to my Swiss ancestors. The places described are varied in their impact on people, from toxic silver mines to the front lines of war. • Mrs. Doctor • Once Upon a Glacier • Great Lake, Uyuni • Potosi Silver Mine • Cambodia-Sex and Politics • John Ammon Remembered • John Ammon Photo Gallery • A Journey to France in Search of Uncle John: The Place He Died in World War 1 Also see the 6 photo galleries accompanying this story: — St Juvin and St Georges Villages — Other Meuse-Argonne Villages — Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery — The Museum of 1914-18 in Romagne — Verdun Area Museums and Memorials — Meuse-Argonne Towns of Grandpre, Vouziers and Dun-sur-Meuse • From Switzerland • The Ultimate Voyage-Space • Love, Sex and Religion–Murder

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