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Nigeria Celebrates Homophobia and Hetero Infidelity

Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com December 12, 2011 The following homophobic and irrational opinion article appeared in the Nigerian Vanguard newspaper today written by Kola Animasaun. This was written in light of the impending passage of a virulent anti-gay statute in the Nigerian senate. (I quote the first four paragraphs) “Where do human rights begin and where do… Read more »

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Britain Threatens Homophobic Countries with Aid Cuts

How fine is this: the British government is threatening to cut its foreign aid to homophobic countries because of their laws and treatment against LGBT citizens. If only more wealthy countries got serious about backing up their human rights standards with financial penalties we might see some serious change of policies in places like Malawi, Uganda, Ghana,… Read more »

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More Anti-Gay Distortions and Lies From Another Church

The following editorial is from ‘The Trumpet‘, an online newsletter of the Church of God, regarding the California law that requires some gay history to be included in public school education curricula: “Landmark law reveals that the war against family is intensifying” –“California’s public schools will be required to teach students about the contributions of… Read more »

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Being Gay is Political–Like It or Not

Richard Ammon. GlobalGayz.com January 11, 2010 Someone recently reviewed my website, GlobalGayz.com, and thought it was not focused well. Was it a gay site? A travel site? A human rights advocacy site? A political site? A news reports site? My reply was short: being openly gay at the turn of the 21st is a political… Read more »