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Gay Reflections The essays here are gay reflections on personal and unique people and ideas from around the world. Some of the people, I’ve met in far off places, and some were family, ranging from a humble Cambodian doctor to my Swiss ancestors. The places described are varied in their impact on people, from toxic… Read more »

Family History and My 95 Year-old Aunt

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com New Years Day 2011 My Aunt Grace turned 95 today, a remarkably long life. Her mind is sharp and her body in reasonably good health, although she complains of not being able to turn the soil in her garden–by hand. Her house is immaculate, her grooming stylish and her memories of… Read more »

My Family – A Hundred Years Later

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com June 25, 2010 A hundred years ago today my grandparents, Francis and Cora, were married and our immediate family began. I have no family memory beyond that–photos and stories yes but no memories. My paternal great-grandfather died in 1915. My maternal great-grandmother lived to 1938, before my birth. But starting a… Read more »