Thank you for your interest in sponsorship opportunities. The funds we raise through advertising sales are used to support our overall mission, which is to support gay rights and gay rights organizations around the world.

We have two basic types of advertising on

  1. “Banner Ads” that run in the sidebar and footer on all pages;
  2. “Text Listings”, a text line linked to your website on all our pages that appears in the right hand column below all other ads.

Advertising is sold by the month. Prepaid annual contracts receive two months free, and lock in the rate for a full year.

Prices vary according to the size of banner. Text Listings sell for $20 per line (5 to 10 words) per month.

  • Prices quoted are for ads that are static JPG, GIF or PNG, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.
  • Payment for annual contracts may be by check, money order, QuickBooks, or major credit card.
  • Payment for monthly contracts may be by QuickBooks, PayPal or major credit card.
  • $10 monthly or $100 annual minimum.
  • All prices quoted are for running your ad on all 20,000+ pages of original content on the site.

Please give us a call at 949-235-2234 or email us at if you’d like more information or would like to sign up to be a site advertiser. General site correspondence should go to the site’s founder and editor, Richard Ammon:

Remember, a generous portion of monies generated from advertising sales on is dedicated to the furthering of our human rights mission; so this is a way to make your money go further. First by getting plenty of advertising for your site or business. Second by showing your customers that your company promotes justice and human rights for all people–gay, straight, or in-between.


Ad Sizes, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Standards:

88×31 – Micro Bar  view IAB sample ad
120×60 – Button 2  view IAB sample ad
120×90 – Button 1  view IAB sample ad
120×240 – Vertical Banner  view IAB sample ad
120×600 – Skyscraper  view IAB sample ad
125×125 – Square Button  view IAB sample ad
160×600 – Wide Skyscraper  view IAB sample ad
180×150 – Rectangle  view IAB sample ad
200×90 (custom size)
200×200 (custom size)
234×60 – Half Banner  view IAB sample ad
240×400 – Vertical Rectangle  view IAB sample ad
250×250 – Square Pop-Up  view IAB sample ad
300×100 – 3:1 Rectangle  view IAB sample ad
300×250 – Medium Rectangle  view IAB sample ad
300×600 – Half Page Ad  view IAB sample ad
336×280 – Large Rectangle  view IAB sample ad
468×15 (custom size)
468×60 – Full Banner  view IAB sample ad
720×300 – Pop-Under  view IAB sample ad
728×90 – Leaderboard  view IAB sample ad

Top Sidebar Advertisement

Global Gayz Top Sidebar Ad - 160 wide x 90 high
Top Sidebar Ad

(One only) 

(160w x 90h)
Global Gayz Box Ad - 160 wide x 180 high
Box Ad 
(160w x 180h)
Global Gayz Micro Box Ad - 160 wide x 45 high
Micro Box Ad 
(160w x 45h)
Global Gayz Standard Sidebar Ad - 160 wide x 300 high
Standard Sidebar Ad
(160w x 300h)
Global Gayz Half Box Ad - 160 wide x 90 high
Half Box Ad 
(160w x 90h)
Global Gayz 2X Sidebar Ad - 160 wide x 600 high
2x Sidebar Ad 

(160w x 600h)
3x Sidebar Ad 

(160w x 900h)

Page Footer Advertisements

Global Gayz Short Leaderboard Footer Ad - 780 wide x 60 high
Short Leaderboard  $95/month (728w x 60h)Global Gayz Leaderboard Footer Ad - 780 wide x 90 high
Leaderboard  $195/month (728w x 90h)

Global Gayz Half Banner Footer Ad - 234 wide x 60 high
Half Banner 
(234w x 60h)
Global Gayz Tall Half Banner Footer Ad - 234 wide x 90 high
Tall Half Banner 
234w x 90h)Global Gayz 2x Half Banner Footer Ad - 234 wide x 180 high
2x Half Banner 
234w x 180h)
Global Gayz Banner Footer Ad - 468 wide x 60 high
(468w x 60h)
Global Gayz Tall Banner Footer Ad - 468 wide x 90 high
Tall Banner 
468w x 90h)