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Frugal Travel

| December 2nd, 2016 | Comments Off on Frugal Travel

Traveling Cheap and Light Around the Globe: a Guide for Gay and Gay-friendly Adventurers In the beginning, my first trip to England was intended to study Shakespeare in Stratford on Avon, England, I flew an Icelandair prop-jet via Reykjavik (where the plane had to be repaired and we got a free tour during the layover); then on to London with a hand-written ticket from an agency that searched their travel-agent-only computer to find a cheap flight. That was generations ago, pre-Internet and pre-Airbus 380. A few things have changed and the process has gotten a lot more fun—and complicated. Deciding Where to Go This starts with the huge wall map of the world  that sprawls above my desk. I look at it often to get a sense of space, distance and location. No place is out of reach. Even in these risky times with political and religious warfare in central Asia and Western Africa, I recently met two

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Reform Judaism backs gay marriage

| March 7th, 2012 | Comments Off on Reform Judaism backs gay marriage

The Movement for Reform Judaism has officially backed gay marriages in a week in which church leaders have renewed their opposition to marriage equality for gays. The Reform Movement said such a move “can only strengthen society and the institution of marriage”. The Movement joined Liberal Judaism, Unitarians and Quakers in officially supporting equal marriage rights for gay couples. It has conducted gay commitment ceremonies since February 2011, recognising a greater diversity of relationships within its communities in what it called a “general move to greater inclusivity”. Representing 42 synagogues with a membership of approximately 30,000, together with Liberal Judaism the groups represent about a third of British Jewry. Rabbi Colin Eimer, who chaired the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK working party said: “We are focused on what constitutes good Jewish relationships, be they heterosexual or homosexual. “Religious ceremonies exist in Jewish life for heterosexual couples to express their love,

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Gay and Lesbian Travel Books

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Gay and Lesbian Travel Books

Gay travel books are a genre in themselves with many published volumes in the past ten years. But books by gay authors on the road have been written for several generations, indeed for centuries. Listed here are just a few of these books. More will be added sooner or later. (Send us your suggestions) See also our Gay Travel Guides and Gay Travel Writers pages. Gay and Lesbian Travel Books In Patagonia  by Bruce Chatwin Anatomy of Restlessness by Bruce Chatwin Gay Travels: A Literary Companion by Lucy Jane Bledsoe Lesbian Travels: A Literary Companion by Lucy Jane Bledsoe Big Trips: More Good Gay Travel Writing by Raphael Kadushin Wonderlands: Good Gay Travel Writing by Raphael Kadushin Gay Travels in the Muslim World (Out in the World) by Michael Luongo Between the Palms: A Collection of Gay Travel Erotica by Michael Theodore Luongo You Can Run: Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels in South America (Out in the World) by Jesse Archer Unspeakable

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Gay Travel Writers

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Gay Travel Writers

Gay travel writers are now members of a full-blown profession in its own  right with many distinguished  authors contributing to  both gay and non-gay media around the world. Listed here are the travel writers I know or know about. More will be added as they become known to GlobalGayz, or readers may submit names to the list. All book titles are linked to, where they may be purchased. If you decide to purchase any of these books through this page, a portion of your purchase goes towards the GlobalGayz Foundation, where it is used to help promote gay rights worldwide.   Jan Morris Born James Morris in 1926, she became Jan Morris after undergoing sex reassignment surgery in 1972. With a writing career spanning 6 decades, Jan has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Glyndwr Award in 1996, honorary doctorates from the University of Wales and the University of

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Gay and Lesbian Travel Guides and Journals

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Gay and Lesbian Travel Guides and Journals

The world has become smaller and travel has become more complex. Gay and lesbian travelers go farther and longer than ever before so the journey abroad demands forethought and awareness. As LGBT visibility has increased in virtually every country so has homophobia especially in once-dormant states where no thought was given to same-sex attraction.. With today’s online awarness of social issues these sleepy distant societies have awakened to LGBT presence–and many do not like it. Gay travelers and adventurers are not welcome everywhere but fortunately sexual orientation is invisible and we are free to move about. So it becomes important, in addition to knowing where we are going, to understand what we are might encounter once we get there. Conservative religious, political and social countries can be engaging and intriguing new experiences or they can be frightening and daunting challenges if we are not alert and knowledgeable. Being prepared for

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LGBT Tours

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on LGBT Tours

LGBT travel is now a worldwide enterprise. Major companies such as cruise ship companies and airlines now advertise to our niche market. There are annual gay travel expos and there are many specialized LGBT travel agents that organize theme travel, adventure tours, gay family trips as well as customized travel to exotic destinations. Listed here are a portion of these many LGBT tours and agencies. Overview: Where To Go in Your Gay Travels–from Out and by Andrew Collins OUT Adventures OUT Adventures for Families Intnl. G/L Travel Association Bluway Gay Travel David Tours Hans Ebensten Deluxe Tours RSVP Vacations Atlantis Gay Cruises Damron Guides and Travel Out Travel Wild Rainbow Safaris – Africa  Purple Dragon Tours – SE Asia Alyson Adventures Utopia-Asia – SE Asia Venture Out Orbitz G/L Travel Now Voyager Above and Beyond Tours TAG Approved Gay Travel Purple Roofs Travel Gay Crawler Travel Directory Outgoing

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Sexuality and Law

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Sexuality and Law

International human rights law today stands on the United Nations Charter of 1945, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the European Convention on Human Rights of 1950, and two UN 1966 treaties: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. These initiatives have made important and lasting strides towards ensuring the human rights of people worldwide, protecting them against discrimination on the basis of race or gender. They also protect specific groups, such as refugees, children, cultural minorities, indigenous groups, migrant workers, and those with disabilities. Not until recently did the UN begin an active program for the protection of the rights of homosexuals. On the issue of law and homosexuality at the international level, the global activist movement advocates for the basic legal provision of personal privacy and equality. 1 Sexual Orientation in International Law 5/07 2 Resolution on

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Religion and Homosexuality

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Religion and Homosexuality

The intersection of religion and homosexuality is a complex issue indeed. There are homosexuals in every culture and religion in the world. Unfortunately, our common humanity is divided up by dogma,  scripture and institutions of organized faith that reject sexual varieties and endorse discrimination and persecution against gay people. Listed here are numerous reports and commentaries from several religious perspectives regarding homosexuality. In general, gay Buddhists seem to have the easiest time with their religious system. Gay Muslims have the most difficult, with Jews and Christians in between. None of them welcome gays with open hearts.

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Hinduism and Homosexuality

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Hinduism and Homosexuality

Hinduism and Homosexuality: Essays 1 Being gay and Hindu may win Pakistani DJ asylum in USA 6/03 2 Gay Sikhs: ‘You’re not alone’ 4/08 3 Asian countries urged to address HIV and AIDS in MSM 4/09 4 Vaishnavism and homosexuality 4/09 June 22, 2003 – San Francisco Chronicle 1 Being gay and Hindu may win Pakistani DJ asylum in the United States by Dave Ford A tall bamboo plant towers over low chairs festooned with cushions made of maroon and purple Indian fabric and inset with tiny mirrors. Daylight seeps through two ceiling skylights. A couch and more plants complete the living room decor in the San Francisco flat of popular psychedelic-trance DJ Keshav Jiwnani. He shares the former storefront space in the Inner Mission with three roommates and a friendly black-and-white cat named Sersha. On the room’s perimeter, wooden ladders lead to small lofts. In Jiwnani’s, an altar holds small statues of Hindu deities

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Judaism and Homosexuality

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Judaism and Homosexuality

Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition Also see:  Gay Israel story Gay Israel News and Reports 2000-02 Gay Israel News and Reports 2003-04 Judaism and Homosexuality 1 A second look on homosexuality 2/04 2 New books: ‘Wrestling With God & Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition’ and ‘Queer Theory and the Jewish Question: between queer and Jewish identities’ 5/04 3 Comment: Reflections on Yom Kippur and homosexuality within Judaism 9/09 Rabbi Harold Schulweis Archives 24 February 2004 1 A second look on homosexuality by Rabi Harold M. Schulweis The rabbis in the Talmudic era declared that two bachelors are permitted to sleep beneath the same blanket because Jews are not suspect of homosexuality. (Kiddushin 82a) Were the rabbis treating homosexuality in the first centuries the way we once dealt with drug addiction, alcoholism, wife abuse and declared, “This is not a Jewish problem”? We can pretend that it is not a Jewish concern, though a

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Christianity and Homosexuality

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Christianity and Homosexuality

1 Outing the Bible: The new queer theologians don’t need your approval 2/04 2 Homophobia turns young people off Christianity 10/07 3 It’s the gays’ fault 4/10 4 Prospective Catholic Priests Face Sexuality Hurdles 5/10 4a Challenging the Religious Fundamentalism Behind Anti-Homo Bill of 2009 3/11 5 Survey: Most US Catholics support gay rights 3/11 6 Gay bishop: Bible silent on gays 4/11 February 11, 2004 – East Bay Express 1 Outing the Bible: The new queer theologians don’t need your approval by Malcolm Gay, One thing is clear: 2003 was without a doubt the Year of the Queer. In a mere twelve months, the United States Supreme Court cast aside anti-sodomy laws in Texas, theMassachusetts Supreme Court overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage, and Democratic presidential candidates from Dean to Kerry endorsed the idea of civil unions. On the pop culture front, a fashion-forward quintet captivated the country, metrosexualizing hopeless breeders on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Britney Spears

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Buddhism and Homosexuality

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Buddhism and Homosexuality

1 Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism 2003 2 Will gay marriage be allowed by Buddhists in Thailand? 7/05 3 Homosexuality, Buddhism and Sri Lankan Society 8/07 1 Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism 2003 by A. L. De Silva Buddhism teaches to, and expects from, its followers a certain level of ethical behaviour. The minimum that is required of the lay Buddhist is embodied in what is called the Five Precepts (panca sila), the third of which relates to sexual behaviour. Whether or not homosexuality, sexual behaviour between people of the same sex, would be breaking the third Precept is what I would like to examine here. Homosexuality was known in ancient India; it is explicitly mentioned in the Vinaya (monastic discipline) and prohibited. It is not singled out for special condemnation, but rather simply mentioned along with a wide range of other sexual behaviour as contravening the rule that requires monks and nuns to be celibate.

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Gay Immigration and Asylum Information

| December 2nd, 2011 | Comments Off on Gay Immigration and Asylum Information

Many countries are hostile to homosexuality. Countless gay people live under governments and religions that demonize and criminalize same-sex behavior. It comes as no surprise that many les-bi-gay people attempt, fail or succeed to live in other countries hoping to escape danger and persecution. Immigration to a safe country can be a matter of life or death. On this page are referrals to immigration resources and personnel. • National Asylum Partnership on Sexual Minorities • Gay and Lesbian Arabs • African Asylum Seekers • Latin American Human Rights • Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights • National Center for Lesbian Rights • Health for Asylum Seekers (UK) • UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group • Asylum • LGBT Asylum News • LGBT Immigration Help in USA • LGBT Immigration Help in Canada • Immigration in Canada (news story) • Immigration Equality • Asylum On-Library (see article #8) • 2006 Immigration Film ‘Maple Palm’ • A report released on May 2, 2006 by Human Rights Watch and

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Islam and Homosexuality 2008-09

| December 17th, 2009 | Comments Off on Islam and Homosexuality 2008-09

1 Gay Africans and Arabs come out online 2/08 2 A Jihad for Love: Can your faith really kill you? 3/08 3 Gay Arabs Party Here, Risk Death Back Home 6/08 4 Book on LGBT life in Muslim cultures published 8/08 5 HIV/AIDS and Its Effects on Society Cont. 5 9/08 6 Outcast heroes 11/08 7 Review: Islam and AIDS, Between Scorn, Pity and Justice 1/09 8 Al-Qaeda accused of using male rape to ‘create’ suicide bombers 2/09 9 Islam ‘recognizes homosexuality’ 2/09 10 Comment: False hope – LGBT rights in the Middle East 3/09 11 Why can’t Muslims be gay and proud? 7/09 12 What’s it like being a gay Muslim? 7/09 13 Transgender belly dancer helps launch Arab gay initiative 9/09 14 Middle East LGBT Monthly Magazine 9/09 15 Gay MEP Michael Cashman criticises UN General Assembly president’s ‘unacceptable’ anti-gay views 9/09 16 The Gay Sons of Allah

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Islam and Homosexuality 2006-07

| December 17th, 2007 | Comments Off on Islam and Homosexuality 2006-07

1 Islamic Feminism Revisited 2/06 2 UK Gay Muslim Activist Adnan Ali is Interviewed 3/06 3 New book gives voice to gay Arabs: ‘Unspeakable Love 4/06 4 Four-Day Conference to Highlight South Asian Gay Issues 6/06 5 Marriage for Gay Muslims? 6/06 6 Queer Muslims find peace 6/06 7 Homosexual and ‘passionate about Islam’ 7/06 7a Middle East dispatch Coming out in Arabic 10/06 7b Love, Lust and Passion: Sex and Taboos in the Islamic World 10/06 8 Gay Arabs organising in Israel 3/07 9 Arab Lesbians Hold Rare Public Meeting in Haifa, Defying Islamist Ban 3/07 10 Gay, Muslim lawyer bucks stereotypes 3/07 11 Bear Arabia is a unique social network for dating and travels in Arab world 5/07 12 Website for Arab and Asian gays launched 7/07 13 Changing Hearts and Reading Minds 7/07 14 website dedicated to the (LGBT) Arab communities of the world 7/07 *15 New documentary features gay Muslim experience 9/07 16 Holy hatred: Homosexuality in Muslim countries 9/07 17 Middle East dispatch Coming

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Islam and Homosexuality 2003-05

| December 17th, 2005 | Comments Off on Islam and Homosexuality 2003-05

1 The True Clash of Civilizations-Sex 4/03 2 Summer lovin’ – Arab Gays, Lesbians coming out of the closet? 8/03 3 Gay Muslims Work Toward a New Islam 8/03 4 Arabian Nightsweats (essay) 6/03 5 A Muslim calls for reform – and she’s a lesbian 1/04 6 Woman Fights for Equality in West Virginia (USA) Mosque 1/04 7 How a Muslim woman (USA) broke a taboo by praying with men 1/04 8 Review of Book by Lesbian Mulsim Author Irshad Manji 1/04 9 Al-Fatiha hold successful 2004 North Amertican conference in Los Angeles 2/04 10 Outing the Middle East 2/04 10a Differences in opinions among men and women (non-gay story) 5/04 11 Web site galvanizing Muslim moderates 6/04 12 Progressive Muslims rally around web site 10/04 13 Dissident Sexualities: Muslim and Gay in the UK 12/04 14 No Condoms & Gays Must Repent Arab AIDS Summit Agrees 12/04 15 Gay Muslims will hold international conference in Atlanta 8/05 16 Queer Muslims finish 5th international conference in (post script) 9/05 Foreign Policy

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Islam and Homosexuality 1998-2002

| December 17th, 2002 | Comments Off on Islam and Homosexuality 1998-2002

1 Power and Sexuality in the Middle East (Academic essay, 1998) 2 Gay Muslims in the Post-Attack World 10/01 3 Male Homosexuality in the Arab World 7/98 4 Gay Life and Death in the Arab World 2/02 5 Pakistani-American Gay Muslim Activist Works to Build Ties 11/01 6 Islamic Studies on Homosexuality (1998) 7 Gay Muslims Face a Growing Challenge 1/02 8 To Be Gay and Muslim (USA) 4/02 9 More acceptance for gay Muslims since 9/11 4/02 10 Interesting Notes from Academia about Homosexuality and Islam Middle East Report Spring 1998 1 Power and Sexuality in the Middle East by Bruce Dunne Sex as Power; Denial as Safety Sexual relations in Middle Eastern societies have historically articulated social hierarchies, that is, dominant and subordinate social positions: adult men on top; women, boys and slaves below. The distinction made by modern Western “sexuality” between sexual and gender identity, that is, between kinds of sexual predilections [and] degrees of masculinity and

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