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Interview With a Young Lesbian Activist in Indonesia

| August 14th, 2011 | No Comments »
Indonesia Buddhist Statue

By Jenni Chang & Lisa Lisa Dazols August 2011 It’s always hard to find lesbians, but it’s especially challenging in Java, Indonesia where ninety percent of the population is Muslim and women fight  against second class status. Amongst the jilbab dressing, we spot a fohawk and meet Ema. A university student who often gets mistaken around town for a boy, Ema challenges ideals of femininity in Indonesia. Ema meets us at a cafe with her girlfriend, and we recognize that the couple is reserved about displaying public affection. But speaking to them and learning about the sacrifices they’ve made for each other, we can tell they are deeply in love. While her girlfriend declines an interview for safety reasons, they’re very enthusiastic to meet with another lesbian couple and share their experience. As young activists and community organizers, we recognize that Ema (photo right) and her partner are the Supergays

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Gay Indonesia-Bali: Perennial and Tranquil

| January 1st, 2009 | 1 Comment »

A week in sun-drenched Bali can be very seductive for anyone. Despite the bombings in ’02 and ’05, Bali continues to be a place of calm repose, swaying palms, restful beaches, green forests, friendly faces and master wood carvers. Bali is also home to a small resident lesbigay community that lives calmly among the easy-going mostly Hindu populace. Quite distinct from these locals are the international LBGT tourists who land in Bali for a short intense dose of beaches, beer and boys.   Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Indonesia Stories Gay Indonesia News & Reports 2004 to present Gay Indonesia Photo Galleries By Richard Ammon Updated February 2008 Come to Bali for the rolling surf, the white palm-lined beaches, the scarlet sunsets, the smiling Balinese charm, the informal beachfront cafes and economical holidays. Come for these and many other reasons such as the 100,000 temples, the brilliant colors of

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