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A Word About Mychal Judge, NYC Gay Priest Who Died on 9/11

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Mychal Judge

By Richard Ammon September 12, 2011 Many stories circulate about this Catholic clergyman, a Franciscan friar; about his past alcoholism; his down-to-earth style of ministering; chaplain for the New York Fire Department; saying mass in the local firehouse; dubbed the ‘Saint of 9/11,’ in a 2006 documentary; his private homosexual orientation; his friendships with homeless people, rock-and-rollers, recovering alcoholics, local politicians, and middle-aged couples from the suburbs; and his love of Irish music… In a word, Mychal Judge was a man of cross-cultural compassion whose hazel eyes saw a person’s soul and the good in each regardless of their world circumstances. A man whose ecclesiastical training was set in one doctrinal system but who embraced all doctrines. No divisions, no prejudice, no boundaries. He was a good man in the most real sense of the word: benevolent, a person who (from Middle High German ‘gatern’) united differences and offered

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