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Unusual Gay Destinations Worldwide

| May 6th, 2013 | No Comments »

These days it’s easy enough to find appealing LGBT travel destinations with comfortable lodgings, good food and pleasant tourist site. Whether by cruise ship, plane or on a bicycle the world is clearly accessible to anyone with a budget and desire to see distant places. In addition to the popular ports of call such as Palm Springs, Sitges, Paris, Berlin, Florida or Pattaya there are many hidden gems that beckon gay adventure travelers off the beaten trail. Here are six unusual places where LGBT voyagers can sense a ‘gay flavor’ even if there is no gay scene. I have visited each of these places and found a comfort zone in each, even though the larger society may not openly embrace our community.   1 — Taormina, Sicily Taormina in Sicily sits high on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea that divides Sicily from the Italian mainland. Even from a distance,

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| December 3rd, 2011 | No Comments »

Gay Reflections The essays here are gay reflections on personal and unique people and ideas from around the world. Some of the people, I’ve met in far off places, and some were family, ranging from a humble Cambodian doctor to my Swiss ancestors. The places described are varied in their impact on people, from toxic silver mines to the front lines of war. • Mrs. Doctor • Once Upon a Glacier • Great Lake, Uyuni • Potosi Silver Mine • Cambodia-Sex and Politics • John Ammon Remembered • John Ammon Photo Gallery • A Journey to France in Search of Uncle John: The Place He Died in World War 1 Also see the 6 photo galleries accompanying this story: — St Juvin and St Georges Villages — Other Meuse-Argonne Villages — Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery — The Museum of 1914-18 in Romagne — Verdun Area Museums and Memorials — Meuse-Argonne Towns of Grandpre, Vouziers and Dun-sur-Meuse • From Switzerland • The Ultimate Voyage-Space • Love, Sex and Religion–Murder

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